[Concert] 2021 16th K-Stage Untact Concert (Happy Halloween’s day)

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라이징스타 - Rising star

16th K-stage Untact Concert 참가 예정이었던 'BLACK LEVEL'이 기획사의 사정으로 이번 공연 및 특전 이벤트에 참가가 불가능합니다. 

이미 구매하신 고객분들은 순차적으로 취소 및 환불하도록 하겠습니다.

팬 여러분의 너그러운 양해 부탁드립니다.


"BLACK LEVEL," which was scheduled to participate in the 16th K-stage Untact Concert, is not available for participation in this performance and special events due to the agency's circumstances.

Customers who have already purchased will be canceled and refunded sequentially. 

We ask for your generous understanding. 


16th K-stage Untact Concert参加予定だった「BLACK LEVEL」が、企画会社の都合により今回の公演および特典イベントに参加できません。



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